¿Quieres lograr tu libertad financiera a través de inversiones, bienes raíces y tener tu propio negocio? ¡Te presentamos el libro “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” para que puedas leerlo y escucharlo! with the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad, you will obtain the necessary knowledge to learn how to invest, how to manage your wealth and how to create a source of passive income. Don't miss the opportunity to start your path to financial freedom!

Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki is the #1 personal finance book in the world, Kiyosaki's manual for people to become millionaires.

It is a New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Business Week and USA Today bestseller.

Rich Dad, Poor Dad will help you:

• Debunk the myth that you need to have a high income to get rich.
• Question the belief that your home is an investment.
• Show parents why they should not trust the school system so that their children learn to manage money.
• Define once and for all what is an investment and what is an obligation.
• Know what you need to teach your children about money in order for them to be financially successful in the future.

En el libro “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” de Robert Kiyosaki, podemos encontrar la importante lección que el autor aprendió de su padre rico, que le ha ayudado a obtener una perspectiva diferente sobre la vida.

For years, Kiyosaki took advice from his poor father, who with a formal education could only inherit debt. For his part, his rich dad provided practical lessons that required great effort on his part. Over time, he gained a lot of experience, became a more critical young man about how he thought about money, the best ways to manage it, and, as his rich dad's book shows, learned how to make money work for him.

Kiyosaki explains the main differences between his biological father (his poor dad) and his best friend's father (his rich dad). The chapter shows the teachings of each one, the ways of seeing life and how each one is.

In addition, it explains about the rat race. Have you ever heard of the rat race? This is a theory created by international bestselling author Robert Kiyosaki, who explained that the rat race is a trap into which most poor people fall. These people live like hamsters in a wheel, dependent on a salary and a common routine day in and day out to make sure they are happy with their jobs and never experience a financial development that allows them to live in peace.

In Kiyosaki's book, he explains in detail what are the most common behaviors of people in the face of daily work efforts. Kiyosaki argues that the professional career is an endless cycle in which the poor person grows up with the perception that getting an education and having a secure job is the best way to develop their skills to the fullest.

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