Learn and master Think and Grow Rich in the ParaEdu club and eventually put it into practice

It’s free and just for those who love the book Think and Grow Rich


Listen to some audio files

Learn the knowledge

  • Wiki-style content makes it easy to navigate and search, so you can find the part you want quickly.
  • Small audio files based on chapter and story so you can listen to small sections repeatedly.
  • Animated video format makes learning fun so you’ll remember them easier.
  • Having it in your language is no problem for all formats, so you can learn it in your native language.


Master the knowledge

  • To gain a better understanding of the knowledge, you can comment and discuss with other members.
  • To stay motivated and keep going, we remind you to follow the rules in the book every day.



Knowledge to Action

  • Create a definite plan for carrying out your desire and begin implementing it immediately, whether you’re ready or not.
  • Resources and Tools to help you implement the initial definite plan so you can reach your life goals and convert the knowledge into results.




Join this club

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learning and mastering

Think and Grow Rich

and eventually putting it into practice


This club was created by me, Bob Teng,

simply because I was inspired by the book

and wanted to make a contribution to society.

I am also the co-founder of MynaParrot.

Visit my Linkedin profile to learn more about me.


I sincerely invite you to join this club

to learn this great book together.

Just simple click the button below and follow the steps.

At the moment, it is free and open to join,

later I may turn it into invitation only or paid only.

Therefore, if you love the book

and want to make some changes on your life,

join now.