The Easiest Way To Have Your Own E-learning Website


Build your personal e-learning website and sell courses

to help you earn passive income without sitting at a desk.

You may have considered creating an e-learning website before,

but you’re afraid of the complicated technical stuff

and constant maintenance required.

Or maybe you’ve tried some online course platform,

which has made it easier for you to create courses,

but it always lacks something important,

like a blog or SEO capability.

You can’t expand to other features without lots of customizations.

ParaEduWeb is the solution you need


We offer a pre-built e-learning WordPress website

that has the most common e-learning features.

This can include things like an LMS,

Payment gateway, and landing page.

We also offers a blog, email marketing, memberships,

and class management system

There are tons of e-learning website features

that you’ll get with this package!

Allowing you to quickly and easily create your online course product

and then sell it online.


You don’t want your website to look like every other website on the web, do you?

Our easy-to-use customization tools will allow you to change the site’s feel and appearance without requiring a designer.

You can change colors, logos, or layouts with the click of a mouse. No coding and no tech knowledge required.

Extend to other features

There are millions of WordPress plugins to choose from when it comes to extending your website’s features.

You can easily add new functionality with just a few clicks.

Whether you want to add a social media feed, a shopping cart, or an event calendar, there are plenty of options available.

With so many choices, you can easily find the perfect plugin to suit your needs.

Worry-free about any website server or back-end issues

Your e-learning site is backed by our team of professionals, made up of a tech team with decades of combined experience who will work tirelessly to ensure that your e-learning platform is protected and always running.

Here are some of the things you can do with



With our drag and drop course builder, you can quickly design your course layout. Fully customize your courses to fit the needs of your students.

We make it easy for you to sell your course and get paid. You can set up a store to sell your product and take payment online.

We have you covered with easy-to-use online booking software that allows you to schedule your classes super fast.

Write a blog and increase your personal brand, website traffic, and SEO ranking with Google.

How It Works



Step 1

Set up your domain name

All you need to do is set up the domain name so that it’s pointing to our server. This can be done in just a few minutes and we’re happy to help if you find it’s too difficult for you


Step 2

Get your logo and Intro content ready

A logo is one of the most important things you need for your business and website. We’re here to help you design a site that matches your brand. If you don’t have a logo yet, don’t worry – we have tools to help you generate one.


Step 3

You’ll receive the e-learning site

Because this is a manually-created website by our professional developer team, it will take up to 1 day to receive your very own e-learning site.

Now let’s talk about how you can get it


For ParaEduWeb,

if you want to create a similar e-learning web on your own,

it will take at least 30 days and you’re going to have to do a lot of work.

You’ll need to do your research

and negotiate with different providers for the best price,

and then get a developer to help you finish everything up.

You’ll also have to do a ton of research

on just the basics of creating this kind of e-learning web.

Also, it will cost you a minimum of 1228 USD/year

to have the same features we provide.

You’ll need to buy different pro licensed plugins

and hire a freelancer developer to help you configure everything.

Then you’ll need someone else to maintain it going forward.

That’s what keeps costs high.

The great news for you is…


We can save both time and money!

You’ll only have to pay 690 USD/year for ParaEduWeb.

We can set it up and make it ready for you to create and sell courses

in just 1 day.

More important is that you don’t need to worry about server

and ongoing maintenance.

We do that for you to ensure your site always remains up

and performs at an optimal level.

This allows you to focus on what’s most important:

your content and students.

Does that sound good?

If you want to pay monthly, that’s no problem.

We’ll give you the same deal as a yearly subscription

by charging 69 USD/month.

We’re so confident in our product

that you have a 30-day money back guarantee.

You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain!

For only 2 USD a day, you’ll fully have your own e-learning website.

You can now sell your online course,

and enjoy the freedom of working from home or anywhere.

Find the best payment plan for you


Unlock these bonuses by taking action now


25 business email

Personal email is perfect for personal use, but it’s not set up to generate sales.

If you’re going to sell a course online, an email like name@yourdomainname.com would look and function way better than a personal email.

And if you plan to do email marketing, it’s essential for your business.

1 logo design

It’s important to have a logo or branding that is appropriate for your business.

Luckily, we’re here to help you with that.

We’ll work with you to make a logo based on your domain name and niche.

28 cloud software

We can offer you another optional 28 cloud software solutions which can be used for your online course business.Such as Moodle,Chamilo…

The best part is that they’re all configured based on your domain name, with no coding required on your part.

You Can Keep All Those Bonuses Even You Applied Refund