The demand to get a math tutor is increasing!

If you are thinking of doing online tutoring, a great option is to be a math tutor. The global economy and increased competitiveness require people to have a solid foundation in this field. Therefore, math tutors are increasingly required. 

The great demand for a math tutor

There is great demand for math tutoring, since most students require specialized assistance to learn and pass the math exam. Tutoring takes place at home, but there are also a large number of institutions that offer this service on their campuses. The teachers or instructors in charge of the classes give them private classes during daylight hours and at night, in addition to providing formal support through didactic material. Most of these professionals have experience in the area and can help you improve your academic results.

If you want to be a math tutor, it is important to have a good foundation in the area and know how to handle the teaching methodology. It is also essential to have a positive attitude, be willing to help your students, and have adequate teaching material for each case. Also, if you are interested in being a math tutor, it is important to contact institutions that provide this service for more information.

The Types of Students Who Need Math Tutoring

There are three types of students who need math tutoring:

  • An important part of them are those who do not manage to master the subject or want to improve their skills.
  • Another group has trouble reading and understanding basic number laws, which leads them to need counseling to solve simple problems.
  • Finally, there are some students who have general difficulty with math, even when they know how to use a sequential method.

    For all of them it is important to have a specialized tutor. 

The types of students who need math tutoring can be found at all levels of basic education, even in preparatory institutions.

Members of this group seek advice to improve their skills, solve simple problems, and increase their self-confidence.

Mathematics teachers can provide adequate training to help these students, but it is important to recognize that they generally have difficulty learning and solving problems. That is why it is very important to have a specialized tutor.

Statistics and data worldwide

Statistics show that math tutoring service is a highly requested demand all over the world. For example, in the United States there is a greater demand than supply for tutoring throughout the school year. This can be reflected in the average monthly number of searches:

Global Monthly Average Searches

Number of monthly searches from November 2021 to October 2022

North American universities are competitive to recruit the best professors to give private classes and help their students with essential learning materials. On the other hand, Chinese educational institutions are very clear about the importance of hiring trained personnel to provide academic advice.

In Europe, the European Employment Office estimated that the math tutoring labor market will account for a total labor market of 54,000 jobs by 2020. Demand will grow as parents are looking for proper training for their children before handing them over to schools where fundamental classes in mathematics are taught. This can be seen in the year-on-year increase (YoY change) which is an increase of 22%, representing the comparison of the monthly search volume of the last month with the same month of the previous year. 

Universities and higher education institutions are offering a wide variety of courses to train female tutors in mathematics. For example, the University of Cambridge offers a course called "Math Tutoring: Getting Started" which aims to prepare people to give private tuition in mathematics. In addition, Oxford University offers a number of professional training programmes, including courses on training academic advisory staff.

In the UK, 77% of parents are looking to learn math with their children before handing them off to school. This can be seen in the total number (YoY change) which is a year over year increase (YoY change) represented by the increase in monthly search volume from the last month to the same month from the previous year.


People who need a math tutor are generally quite satisfied with it. That is why the demand for tutors in this area has a high probability of growing. Therefore, if you want to be a math tutor, it is a great option!

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